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more than just our catch phrase – it’s our way of life.

Since 1985, Eilen & Sons Trucking based out of Hampton, MN, has been providing the state with complete dry bulk and liquid transportation services. Our family-owned and operated trucking company operates with a fleet of award-winning trucks, a high-level of respect from the trucking industry and dedicated personnel that take pride in performing a job well done.


Custom Semi Tractor-Trailer

Owner and founder, Tom Eilen, has been in the trucking industry for over 40 years, performing every task from driver, mechanic and dispatcher to now overseeing the company’s day-to-day operations. Starting business with only a handful of trailers and one truck, Tom was able to make-a-go of it, gaining accounts, establishing a respected reputation and adding trucks. Today, we are proud to say that Eilen & Sons Trucking consists of 50+ trucks that look nothing less than spectacular.


Our professional trucking services include:

We have and will continue to provide specialized transportation solutions throughout Minnesota and the Upper-Midwest. Hauling locally and over-the-road we are able to handle all of your transportation needs, from end dumps to liquid tankers and everything in between. You will be hard-pressed to find a more efficient, dedicated and convenient regional carrier. Contact us for hauling and quote information.

Our History - Coming Up from Humble Beginnings (Click to reveal information)

[Tom Eilen began his truck-driving career shortly after graduating high school in 1972. After three months of driving someone else’s truck, he was ready to buy his own. Tom’s first truck was a daycab cabover. After buying his second truck, a brand new conventional, he began running over-the-road. In 1982 he came off the road and began working as a dispatcher and a mechanic for another carrier. Over the next three years he helped build that company from just two trucks to twenty. But all the while he was yearning to own his own fleet. And then an opportunity presented itself.


The carrier Tom had originally worked for in 1972 had dwindled down to just two owner operators. Tom asked the owner if he had ever considered selling out. At first he declined, but later called back – and the rest is history. In November of 1985, Eilen & Sons Trucking began with three accounts, a couple of trailers and one truck. Talk about humble beginnings! Tom’s wife Julie did all of the billing and paperwork out of their home at first, but it wasn’t easy – she also had three small boys at home to take care of. In 1989 their daughter Jodie was born, and at that time Julie found it virtually impossible to continue doing all of the office duties, so they hired Patricia “Trish” Matthees to take care of things. And 23 years later, Trish is still with them.


The foundation of Eilen & Sons Trucking was built on simple principles – be on-time and have premium equipment. Tom attributes their steady growth to good old-fashioned courtesy, punctuality and always having a well-maintained fleet. Currently, the Eilen & Sons fleet consists of 50+ trucks, many trailers (each truck has at least two trailers), and about 55 employees.]*


As a family owned and operated business, the family aspect is unmistakable at Eilen & Sons. Tom and Julie’s now grown children play active roles in their family’s trucking business. Sons Pat and Jonathan are now drivers; daughter Jodie assists with administrative office tasks, and everyone is committed to being the best.


Although no longer a physical role in the company, Tom and Julie’s late son Jake remains a vital source of inspiration for the family and how they do business. Jake, their oldest son, was as much a part of the trucking company as the rest of his family, owning six trucks and multiple trailers. Unfortunately he was tragically killed in a car accident in November 2008, which left his family, including his wife and young son, in shock. The nationwide outpouring of support from the trucking community was unforgettable, with countless cards received and 2,000 plus attending the wake service. As with most aspects of his life, Jake’s funeral included trucking and motorcycles; his coffin and Harley Davidson were pulled with his first show truck on a flatbed. Every year the Eilen family completes a motorcycle memorial ride on Memorial Day weekend in remembrance of Jake.


*Excerpt from 10-4 Magazine, Cover Feature – January 2009, Eilen & Sons Trucking Strives To Be The Best, by Daniel J. Linss, Editor. Taken 8/21/12,

Awards & Recognitions (Click to reveal information)

Most of our awards have come in the way of Show Truck Competitions, but don’t be mistaken, the pristine trucks enrolled in these shows are the same ones we drive down the road to haul gravel, road salt, liquid fertilizer and other commodities. Eilen & Sons’ semi-tractors and trailers have been featured in the shows “Trick my Truck” and “American Trucker” as well as in national and international truck magazines. Our semis have appeared in the prestigious Super Rigs calendar from Shell Oil ten times… and counting. Being featured in the calendar is like winning the truck show “Super Bowl.”


Our highly detailed and spectacularly painted trucks have also won countless truck shows, winning “Best of Show” in numerous states. We take great pride and meticulous care in maintaining our semi-trucks and trailers; and carry those same virtues into performing our trucking services.


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  • Member: NAST – National Association of Show Trucks
  • Member: Minnesota Trucking Association
  • Sponsor: Eilen & Sons Motorsports

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